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Arbeidssko for produksjon og montering

Choosing the appropriate build material for work shoes is vital to ensure safety and comfort. Fun fact: The first recorded use of steel-toed boots dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were worn by laborers to protect their feet from heavy objects – a historical testament to the enduring importance of work shoe materials!

PU,PET,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

PU and PET materials provide comfort, while Solidbreath technology enhances breathability for long hours on the job.

PU,Leather,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

PU and Leather offer a balance of comfort and durability, while Solidbreath technology enhances breathability.

Suede,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

Suede with Solidbreath technology ensures comfort and moisture management for long hours on the job.

PU,Suede,Activebreath Arbeidssko

PU and Suede with Activebreath technology provide comfort and breathability for light industrial and logistics work.

Full-Grain Leather Arbeidssko

Full-Grain Leather offers excellent durability and a professional appearance for various work environments.

Leather,Naturalbreath Arbeidssko

Naturalbreath technology keeps feet cool and dry, making Leather suitable for long work shifts.

Nubuck Leather,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

Nubuck Leather provides a professional appearance and Solidbreath technology for comfort in work shoes.

Leather Arbeidssko

Leather offers durability and protection for various work conditions.

PU,Mesh,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

PU and Mesh combination provides comfort and breathability, crucial for workers in demanding conditions.

PU,Suede,Solidbreath Arbeidssko

PU and Suede combination with Solidbreath technology offers comfort and breathability for demanding work environments.

Nubuck Leather,PU,Activebreath Arbeidssko

Nubuck Leather combined with PU and Activebreath technology offers comfort and breathability for demanding work tasks.

Microfiber Arbeidssko

Microfiber is lightweight and offers durability, making it suitable for automotive and industrial work.

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